Scenehouse is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We offer training in Design for Live Performance and other related skills. Our classes are taught by theatre professionals and are designed to replicate a 'real life 'process, albeit in a compressed form.

'I do have a lot more confidence now to go on and apply for work and I have a portfolio of images to support it. It’s up to me now to keep up and build on those skills. 

 The design part of the course, that last month, was unbelievable.

The course was so intense. I wasn’t expecting to learn so much so quickly.'

Craig - Scenehouse Summer school student

'Men Should Weep' mode; box design by Elliott Squire - Summer School student 2016

Scenehouse Summer School model making class

Tomas putting final touches to his model box project for 'Ulster American' . Scenehouse Summer school 2018