About the course

This course gives students an intensive learning experience that fuses core theatre design skills with creative insights from working practitioners. Over two sessions per week for four weeks you will receive clear detailed instruction from a professional designer, and briefing and feedback from a professional director. Plus access to live Q and A sessions where you will be able to ask questions and get feedback.

The course will follow the methodology of a professional designer. You will start by analysing a script, receiving a briefing from a director, and then making your own scale model box, which you will use to create your design. You will also be given instruction in model making and using scale plans and elevations to communicate your ideas.

Who is it for?

Scenehouse INTRO is aimed at participants from a wide range of related disciplines who want to find out more about the process of set design or if designing for performance is the career path for them. 

The INTRO course is also a dynamic creative experience in itself - and is ideal for students who would like to work on their approach to 3d design - or explore model making in a theatrical context.

The schedule will introduce students to the key creative processes of scenography, exploring the designer’s role as visual story teller and image maker, as well as focusing on the hard skills of design including script analysis, working at scale and model making. 

This course will be released via learning sessions twice per week, over 4 weeks, allowing time for students to follow the course and make their models at their own pace. There will be two scheduled live Q and A sessions. The 4- week course will end with a live feedback session, but then stay online for a further 4 weeks, giving the opportunity for recap or catching up if your process has been delayed. All live sessions will be recorded so if you cannot attend you can watch later.

Professional process

The course replicates professional practice, including briefings and feedback from a professional director, and instruction from a professional designer

Hands on

Working from a script, you will create your own scale model box design, learning about all the technical processes involved


You will be able to download printouts for key information to keep